Sephi is a smart and well-behaved dog, but when we moved to Manhattan from the suburbs and had to introduce her to elevators, she was extremely nervous. Sephi was able to overcome her fear of elevators thanks to Maya. She was so patient and compassionate with Sephi, and had several elevator sessions until she was comfortable. Sephi and Maya are now best friends and she’s always excited to see her! If Sephi ever runs into any more issues we’re calling Maya. We highly recommend her!
— Annie & Sephi
I am delighted that Maya has become part of our dog Honey’s life. Maya is intuitive, gentle, and all ‘round smart and talented dog trainer. Honey is wary of new people, and slow (need many, many sessions) to warm up to them. Maya knew just how to engage Honey so that Honey would feel safe at all times. Maya is self-contained, respectful, and, when working with an anxious dog, translates to not operating from a need to be loved or successful, but, rather, allowing the dog a lot of room to explore and feel safe in her own time. As a result, within just a few brief meetings Maya and Honey were fast friends. Honey is now thrilled whenever Maya comes over, even if a lot of time has lapsed in between visits. In short, Maya is terrific!
— Lisa & Honey
Clover is a smart and well behaved rescue dog with just one small foible: jumping up on people to get attention. She is not a big dog so not many mind, but ditty little paws on clean pants are so welcomed. Maya’s loving and smart approach was exactly right, and Clover almost immediately got the idea without feeling punished. We love Maya!
— Edwina & Clover
When I rescued my two dogs they were traumatized from being neglected. June, my female Bernese, was especially scared, as she had been abused for breeding purposes by one of her previous owners. With great patience and implementing gentle, non-threatening guidance, Maya was able to help them both so much! While we occasionally have some off days, their lives improve each day, and they love the mental stimulation games Maya showed us during our sessions. She is polite. professional, and patient. I highly recommend Maya!
— Tim, June, & Pepper
We are extremely lucky and grateful to have met and worked with Maya. Our dog, Stamford, was able to learn new tricks from Maya and he never got bored! Stamford has so much fun with Maya. She is patient, compassionate, and always uses positive reinforcement. She treated Stamford like he was her own dog, which we truly appreciated. My husband and I learned so much from Maya as well. Not only from observation, but she took the time to help us understand a different approach to training, the perks of positive reinforcement, and how to train Stamford more efficiently. In addition to the tricks, we used to use a prong collar on Stamford, but with Maya’s help Stamford does not use it any longer. We highly recommend Maya to everyone. Your dog will have a blast learning new things, and you will too! Thank you, Maya!
— Gabriel, Jennifer, & Stamford