Photogenic Pets and Captured Memories

Taking photographs of our pets has become a recreational pastime and an activity that always brings us joy and smiles to our faces. Whether you are capturing your pet’s goofy impromptu moments, a new trick you taught them, or squeezing a selfie in between play sessions, it’s no secret that when we look back on each photo we can’t stop reliving these heartwarming moments. Each shot is a special memory worth capturing.

Using science-based positive reinforcement techniques, I can help you in creating more special moments with your pets, candid or posed. By using play and rewards, I can help you bring out the natural poses and facial expressions of your pets for that one special moment you are trying to capture. For more information and rates, fill out the form below.

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I look forward to capturing photos with you and your pup!

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**Upon booking a photography session, you will be required to sign a safety waiver and photography consent form**