Below are questions you and your pup may have as you continue your journey with Tails of Dog.

Where do sessions take place?

Private client sessions take place in the comfort of your home, allowing me to observe and work with you in your pup’s most natural envionrment. However, depending upon the type of training and behavioral guidance you need, part or all of the session can also take place outside of the home. Photography sessions also take place in your home unless prior arrangements have been made, depending upon they type of photographs we aim to capture.

What do I need to prepare before our session?

If this is your first session with Tails of Dog, a new client intake form should have been sent to you to fill out and return by email before our first session.

Your dog’s favorite toys and/or treats, a dash of patience, and a mind ready for fun, hands on learning.

What if I live in a multiple dog household? Will the structure/rate/length of the session be modified?

Working with more than one pup does not affect the length or the rate of the session. Depending upon the training and behavioral guidance needed for each individual, the structure of the session will adjust accordingly.

What about training and behavioral guidance for feline companions?

Our furry felines are a major part of our family, and while more independent than their canine counterparts, the same positive reinforcement techniques used with dogs can be applied when addressing training and behavioral issues with cats!

As a pet parent to a 18 lbs polydactyl cat, observing how he operates and problem solves to navigate the world around him as been a refreshing outlook on animal behavior and learning. Cats learn mainly through observing and tend to work independently rather than look to other species for help.

What is positive reinforcement training and why is it beneficial?

  • Teaches dogs desirable behaviors using science-based and reward-based methods.

  • Helps dogs learn and succeed step by step using motivating mental stimulation games rather than using force or pain.

  • Encourages dogs to think for themselves while boosting confidence and utilizing the instinctual problem solving of the brain.

  • Utilizing methods that can work humanly with any dog - big dogs, small dogs, puppies, seniors, disabled dog, fearful dogs, reactive dogs, etc.

What is clicker training? And do you use clicker training in your sessions?

Clicker training, also known as marker training, is a very effective training method that can be used to train any species; it is not limited to dog training and behavior. It allows for a quicker and more precise reinforcer when teaching or reshaping a behavior than a primary reinforcer such as food. I do use clicker training in my sessions on a case by case basis. Some pups don’t respond well while others thrive!

Why is clicker training so effective?

  • Always has a distinctive/same signal sound

  • Allows for marking a specific behavior

  • Non-emotional sound/signal

  • Consistent and reliable communication

  • Always followed by a primary reinforcer (food)

Is a dog ever too young or too old to start and benefit from positive reinforcement training?

Nope! Positive training is a lifestyle; something that is implemented in all aspects of your dog’s life on a daily basis, no matter his/her age.

Are you age/breed restrictive?

Tails of Dog never discriminates against age or breed. However if there is a specific behavioral issue that I believe would benefit from a specialized behaviorist, I will refer you to him/her. Responsibility and the welfare of your pup is of the utmost importance, and I strive to make sure they receive the best care.


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