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VSA is one of the most comprehensive and hands-on course for positive training available today. I graduated with distinction from the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training and Behavior. With 6 months of intensive study, a broad range of topics on canine behavior, ethology, training, and history were covered, as well as client communication in both private and group settings, problem solving and management strategies, and key components for a successful dog training practice. While at the Academy, I was fortunate enough to learn from world renowned positive dog trainer Victoria Stilwell along with several other distinguished dog trainers and professionals in various parts of the dog industry.

While attending Bates College I studied history and theater while majoring in social and cognitive Psychology. Within my Psychology major I was able to take intensive electives on animal learning, which lead to the completion of my senior thesis on the effects of dog therapy and the Human-Animal Bond on mentally stable patients in hospitals, schools, at home, in the work place, aids in laboratory research, and as veteran support.  


Wag! is an on demand dog walking service for pet owners in several cities throughout the US. Trustworthy and efficient, Wag! has been hailed by the New York Times as "Uber for dog walkers." I am Wag! Walker certified and insured since 2016, having had 5 star reviews for over 80 clients and counting. 

PumpkinPups Dog Training is run and founded by Viviane Arzoumanian, in which all training methods are gentle, humane, and fair for both the dog and his/her owner, regardless of behaviors involved. Since 2005, Viviane has had extensive professional experience training dogs of all ages, breeds, and needs. She acted as my mentor during my training at the Victoria Stilwell Academy, and I currently continue to work and learn from her. Viviane is certified in: CDBC, PMCT-2, and CBATI. 

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Located in Sag Harbor, NY, The Sag Harbor Veterinary Clinic was founded by Dr. Barry Browning in 2006. Volunteering my time as an assistant to the veterinary technicians as well as Dr. Browning, has allowed me to experience another angle of the pet behavior and care industry. 

INTRA was founded in 2000 by Anita and Giora Shkedi, who have a vast amount of experience with therapeutic horseback riding since 1985, the year Anita founded founded therapeutic horseback riding in Israel. INTRA is Israel's leading center for equine therapy for adults and children with various disabilities. Volunteering at INTRA was deeply rewarding. Combining my love of horses and weaving it into the healing process of adults and children was eye-opening. 

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The Perfect Earth Project is a non profit organization which promotes toxin-free lawns and landscapes. Having become more aware of this issue has inspired me to act as a pet outreach coordinator and help to continue spread awareness to pet owners, as pets are one of the most susceptible groups to pesticide poisoning.